Why Coloured Radiators Are Becoming More Popular

The UK has a reputation for being rainy and cold. However, keeping warm during the cold months is also not only limited to wood-burning stoves and electric fireplaces.

The emergence of the Danish hygge trend has caused Brits to move from cosy and comfortable to stylish and timelessly classic.

The (MARC) Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors did a survey across the UK in 2018, revealing that there are more than 190 million radiators fitted in British homes.

Brits love being able to grab a bargain for home furnishings, and it is not just an afterthought once the interior décor of a home is complete. Radiators were chosen by design to complement the space and design theme, and now colour is one of the top features.

An Era of Saying Goodbye to Boring

Radiators are increasingly different in form and colour, and practical radiators are a thing of the past. Column radiators are not solely a necessity – now heating is hip to inject style into any room. The classically styled upright radiators are the sought-after design for homeowners looking for retro chic, with grey being the preferred colour over the traditional white.

Column radiators are no longer for traditionalists, even though their versatility in slotting easily into a period style home and the bold colour options enable anyone to add lustre and style. Many DIY enthusiasts have been creating complementary colour schemes using these wall-based heating units.

This trend of gravitating toward colours has more to do with creating a cheerful and unique space than with simply finding a heating unit. Regardless, the question of how much do column radiators cost is answered by how much you are willing to pay. The main contributing factors are location, the plumber’s price and whether or not you are able to grab one on sale or at a discount.

The Freedom to Be Creative

Homeowners love the idea of matching wall colours, and as soon as the radiator has colour it transforms from being a heating unit into being a piece of contemporary art. The colours favoured are range from spicy red, mineral grey to ocean blue. If you are less colour-confident, your choice could shift towards light pastels in grey, yellow, pink and aqua. All these are also available in both matte and gloss options.