Top Ten Outlet Malls Within a Day Trip of Tokyo

Top Ten Outlet Malls within a day trip of Tokyo

For those of you who love to shop and bargain, a great way to experience Japan is by visiting some of the outlet malls in and around Tokyo. They can make great date spots or be a fun way for the family to spend a day as there are usually facilities for kids too.

1. La Fete Tama Minami Osawa

Styled in to be a little like Provence in South France (little bit of a stretch) this spacious mall is a nice place to spend a day shopping and sampling the restaurants and cafes. There is also a toho movie theater nearby. Has the usual mix of sports, outdoor, fashion, lifestyle goods, pets, furniture etc. The spacious environment and greenery of Minami Osawa make this a relaxing day out.

2. Grandberrry mall

Grenberry mall is quite large and although it is an outlet mall, it also includes all manner of shops, from pet stores and hairdressers, to lifestyle and fashion shops. This mall is divided into four zones; a family and family life themed zone, a fresh foods zone, an outlet mall zone, and a communication and entertainment zone.

3. Lala Port

Lala Port has continued to grow through successive additions since its inception in 1981. It is now home to more than 540 stores, including many brand name stores, fashion houses, movie theater etc. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Japan and is located just on the border of Tokyo in Chiba, Funabashi.

4. Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Fashion is the main focus for this outlet mall, although there is a little of something for everyone. There is an imax theater, bowling alley and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy. In the vicinity there is also a ski field and a couple of Onsens to enjoy (Hoshino Onsen is recommended).

5. Premium Outlet Mall at Gotenba

This outlet mall is one of the more expansive shopping malls around and has views of Mt Fuji on a clear day. There is every manner of foreign and domestic fashion brand as well as lifestyle stores and some 20 fooderies. There is a large ferris wheel and a play area for the kids. This is a popular mall and can get very crowded on public holidays and at bargain times.

6. Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma

This large Outlet mall has over 200 shops, 180 of them outlet stores. The main focus is on fashion. There is everything from kids fashion, outdoor and sports fashion, to accesories and fashion magazines. 44 shops opened their first Japan outlet store here, so there is definitely value in taking a look.The food court has 11 shops. There are six restaurants and three cafes to choose from and you can even take your pet. There are also facilities for babies and you can rent a baby cart if you wish.

7. Outlet Park Makuhari

This outlet mall has over 90 stores, mainly fashion-focused. The mall is a fairly open planned two-storey complex and is easy to get around. There are more than 30 restaurants.

8. Outlet Mall Rism

This was the first outlet mall in Japan so is a little older than others on this list. However, with about 40 stores, it is a relaxed place to shop for an afternoon.

9. Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside

Outlet shopping mall near one of Asia’s largest marinas. This is a lovely spot by the sea packed with shops all selling at 30 to 70% off. Yokohama is a nice spot to shop as it is more open and expansive than Tokyo. Enjoy the big open skies of Yokohama and the lovely sea breeze while you shop or hang out at one of the myriad of open air cafes. There is everything from brand name clothes, outdoor goods, shoes, casual wear, to household goods and restaurants

10. Sano Premium Outlets

There are about 180 domestic and overseas brands in buildings styled on U.S. east coast architecture. This store has an open and green feel to it with Mt. Mikamo behind it to the east.

What Are Your Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure?

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Knowing your blood pressure numbers even when you’re feeling fine is important. If your blood pressure is too high, you can always take steps to lower your blood pressure.

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Goals and objectives for numerous men and women is to maintain their blood pressure levels below 140/90 mmHg. With regards to men and women who have diabetes or chronic kidney disease, their objective is to maintain their blood pressure levels below 130/80 mmHg.

Lifestyle Changes

Coping with your stress levels, as well as learning how to deal with stress plus a healthy balanced way of life will help you manage your high blood pressure.

  • Remaining physically active
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  • Retaining a proper bodyweight
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Numerous men and women may be able to control their particular blood pressure levels through implementing lifestyle modifications, however some cannot. Your primary objective is to successfully manage your blood pressure levels.

Even if your doctor recommends a medication plan as part of your treatment, do continue your fitness and health diet and lifestyle routines.

Carrying out a Nutritious Diet

Your family doctor may recommend the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) weight loss program for you if you have HBP. The DASH eating plan focuses on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other foods that are heart healthy and low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium (salt).

DASH also focuses on fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products, fish, poultry, and nuts. The DASH eating plan is reduced in red meats (including lean red meats), sweets, added sugars, and sugar-containing beverages. It’s rich in nutrients, protein, and fibre.

To help you manage HBP, make sure you control just how much salt you consume. This implies selecting low-sodium and “no added salt” food items and also seasonings. The actual Nutrition Information sticker on food items shows the volume of sodium within the contents. Make sure you consume no more than roughly 1 teaspoon of sodium each day.

In addition, you need to actually reduce alcohol based drinks. Too much alcohol will raise your blood pressure. Men should have no more than two alcoholic drinks a day. Women should have no more than one alcoholic drink a day. One drink is a glass of wine, beer, or a small amount of hard liquor.

Remaining Physically Active

Regular physical exercise will certainly reduce your high blood pressure, as well as reducing your potential risk in regards to various other health problems. Speak with your doctor before commencing any new fitness program. Identify precisely how much and also what types of physical exercise are safe for you.

Men and women achieve excellent health and fitness benefits as a result of just completing sixty minutes each week of moderate intensity aerobic activity. The more physical activities you do, the greater fitness and health benefit for you and your body.

Keeping a proper Weight

The actual terminologies “overweight” and “obesity” make reference to your body weight and what is thought to be well balanced and healthy for a particular height.

Retaining an appropriate bodyweight will assist you to manage high blood pressure and lower your own threat in regards to other health issues.

To lose excess weight, reduce your calorie intake and accomplish more physical activities. Consume lower calorie foods and have smaller sized meals or snacks.

Quit Smoking

Smoking will damage your blood vessels and lift your threat of high blood pressure. Smoking can certainly aggravate health conditions associated with high blood pressure. Furthermore, attempt to avoid second hand smoke.