Features to Look for in Employee Benefits Enrollment Software

Employee benefits brokers play a valuable role when it comes to providing coverage and guidance, but today’s employers expect more from their brokers than ever before. They want more than just help with quoting plans, negotiating renewals, and resolving billing issues. That’s why it’s a good idea for brokers to purchase employee benefits enrollment software that offers health claims and Rx analysis, hotlines for HR issues, and online support.

More Leads

Brokerage firms that want to increase their clientele should look for software that features marketing help. Automated email marketing, for example, allows brokers to generate and follow up on leads. This, in turn, helps them win more business and keep existing clients happy.

Custom Reports

Any software program worth its weight will allow brokers to build custom reports, generate proposals, and track commissions. All of these tasks are absolutely essential and, without the help of a dedicated software program, they can take up a good deal of brokers’ time. That time can often be better spent on other types of customer support.

Track Trends

Providing clients with accurate reporting and analytics helps to set exceptional brokerage firms apart from the competition. Software programs can help them do this by pinpointing cost drivers and utilization trends. The data generated during this process can then be compared to normative US data sets to offer clients a clear idea of where they stand.

HR Support

It’s obvious that enrolling new employees requires a dedicated platform. Exceptional HR support goes beyond this basic task, though. It allows brokers to protect their existing accounts by offering 24/7, user-friendly customer support and HR guidance to drive client satisfaction.

Centralize Resources

Clients will appreciate being able to access all of the resources they need from one centralized online portal. Brokers will also benefit from being able to access all of the information they need from anywhere.

Document Builders

With the right software program, brokers can create SPDs, SBCs, and wrap documents in next to no time. This helps them prepare their clients for potential DOL audits. It also makes plan design modeling and generating benchmark reports for clients much easier by offering employees the information they need to make sage choices regarding their coverage.