Is it legal to drive a tank on the road?

Although drivers are spoilt for choice when choosing their vehicles these days, some enthusiasts still want to try new experiences on the roads and drive eye-catching forms of transport.

Some build their own wacky races contributions such as motorised bedsteads, sofas and wardrobes which are all legal on the roads.
What about a tank?
So, what if you want something to turn heads on your trip to the supermarket or down to your local? You may have already developed a taste for the unusual by trying out some of the driving experiences available from specialist firms. A tank driving experience, can be found at sites such as tank driving experience, but could you take the skills you learn onto the wide expanses of the highways and byways of the UK? Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

If you are in the market for a former Ministry of Defence vehicle, including Chieftain tanks for around £50,000, you will find specialist dealers in the UK
. Cheaper tank options are available!
Once you have your vehicle, how about taking it for a spin legally?
L plates

When it comes to registering your new runaround you will encounter a bit of red tape associated with width and weight regulations for road vehicles and these are not insurmountable, but time- consuming.
Once this is out of the way you will need the appropriate licence. Surprisingly, this simply involves applying for a category H licence. Amazingly, anyone with a full UK car driving licence is entitled to a provisional category H equivalent.
This allows you to drive a road-legal tank provided you are accompanied by someone who holds a full category H licence and provided, yes you have guessed it, you display L plates!
If you have opted for a cheaper version, and it only has one seat, the qualified driver is no longer required, but this could be a bit risky for the novice tank commander.
Once you feel you are ready you can apply at your local DVLA testing centre for a category H test. It costs just over £60. You will be tested on driving around circuits and turning the tank toface the other way, a bit like a giant three-point turn. An eyesight test follows along with a theory
After you pass you are ready to rumble!