Five team building ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time to lighten the mood in the workplace, reward staff for the hard work they
have put in over the year and strengthen that team spirit.

Team building ideas
There are lots of ideas out there for your festive event and here are five possibilities which could
be combined with a traditional Christmas workplace event either on-site or out of the workplace.

  1. One of the traditional events is the idea of the Secret Santa. Staff put names into a hat and individuals pull out a colleague’s name, they then bring a gift for them to the event. Usually a limit will be set on cost, but alternatively, you might introduce different ideas such as homemade gifts, or gifts that are themed, perhaps linked to the company’s own activities.
  2. You might like to consider an organised trip off-site, adding excitement to the day. There are many team building companies which will organise the whole day for you. Many of these provide experiences which your staff are unlikely to have come across before or are unlikely to replicate on their own. Try a tank driving experience
    provided at sites such as tank driving experience to test different skills and build that camaraderie which can be transferred to the workplace.

3. Enhance the feeling of a family in the organisation by organising a ‘bring your children towork’ event. This can be a fun day enjoyed not only by staff but their children too and can be educational for the latter.


Remember it is a fun day too and concentrate on ensuring the visitors have a great build-up to the big day. Care must be taken that Health and Safety issues are addressed and institutions familiar with visits from young people can offer advice on issues to address

4. Another event which will take workers off-site is a Christmas Treasure Hunt. You could theme it along the song Twelve Days of Christmas and send out teams to find the hidden items which relate to the gifts mentioned in the song.

5. Finally, a charity event could be the perfect way to celebrate. It may be an organisation the
company supports, or one suggested by a worker. Perhaps hold a ballot to finalise a choice and get raising those sponsored funds for the event.

Finally, enjoy your event!

The terror of using Superglue.

Since its invention by total accident in nineteen forty-two Superglue has and its use has been the cause of many accidents itself down through the years. The original idea for the glue was to seal up wounds but the combination of cyanoacrylates was just to sticky to use so the inventor Harry Coover
thought they could make plastic removable gunsights instead. Coover soon realised that the best use for this stuff was actually to return to its sticky original use instead. He found that with the right storage container the glue can be used to pretty much stick anything like the metal bonding adhesive, but you should always look for the best metal bonding adhesive
for your project. However, there is a problem with superglue in that it is indeed very sticky and it is more than capable of bonding your skin to the thing you are looking to stick back to together. So, rather than have a jolly trip to the accident and emergency department these simple rules might just save you the time and trouble

  1. Keep your skin away from the stuff. Superglue does a superb job but it is pretty indiscriminate in what it sticks to. The most common accidently sticking is hold and item together without realising that some has got on your fingers as well. So, as you come to extract your fingers you suddenly find that they are sealed together and/or you are still attached to the thing you wanted to fix. The best thing to do is to wear gloves that fit nice and tight but you do run the risk to the gloves sticking to what you’re gluing (better than your fingers though). The best way forward is to make sure you don’t get anything on you.
  2. On that point it is wise to remember that you really do not need to use that much of the stuff in the first place. The clue to its use is in its name. Just a little dab is required not loads and loads. If you put too much on then it will start to leak out of the sides especially if you have to squeeze it together. You will end up with you or your fingers bonded to each other.
  3. There is a very good saying “read the instructions even if you don’t follow them”

If you do get stuck to something or your hands etcetera then the best thing to use to remove the sticky stuff is acetone. What’s acetone? I hear you ask well you and I would know it as nail polish remover. The glue is a form of
plastic and acetone melts it. One other thing to remember you could just pull the fingers apart. You might take the top layer off a bit but that bits dead already and it will grow back. Go get a plaster.

What the forwards do in rugby

Let’s face facts Rugby is not a stylish game of flair and skill for about half of the team. No amount of Rugby Training drill Videos like the ones at
can disguise that fact that unless you’re a back, kicker, scrum half or fly half then you are just going to be a large man or women lumbering around sacrificing your body by piling into tackles or trying to stop those annoying backs from scoring a majestic diving try. Am I being unfair? Probably, let us look at what the forwards in Rugby actually do and how they play a vital part in the game.

A rugby team has fifteen players. Eight of these are forwards and they make up the scrum. This is the bit where they all link together and try and push the opposition off the ball that is put in by the scrum half. The scrum half is not a forward they just try and get the ball out of the scrum and out to the backs so that they can do something flashy and cool with the “ball” while the forwards try and extricate themselves from the scrum without injuring their necks. The other set piece that the forwards get involved in is the line out. As the “ball” is egg shaped
it tends to wobble of the pitch a lot so line outs are quite common. In this case the scrum half (the flashy one again) throws the ball in like some kind of American Football Quarterback and the forwards leap up in the air to try and knock it to the backs so that they can scamper off and look cool. See where I’m going with this? All that the forwards do is get the “ball” to the backs so that they can look cool. When near the try line if a forward manages by some miracle to get the “ball” they surge forwards joyfully in the knowledge that they might just get some glory for once and before they are set upon by the panicked backs and other forwards. They flop over the line and the referee try’s to see if they’ve got the “ball” on the ground or if its “held up”. Generally ever laughs at the big person attempting to run and they get all “ohh well done” and patronising about it and say things like “he did well for a big bloke”.

Rucks and Mauls are the most fun though. The forward gets the “ball” again and then spins round whilst all his other forward friends push them forwards and the other team go the other way. It’s great fun if your idea of that is to be squashed and stepped on. My advice, try and be a flanker, it’s about the only flair role you can do if the teacher, captain says you’re going to be a forward.

The impact our sense of smell has on what we do.

Our sense of smell sits nestled against the other four senses that we use hundreds if not thousands of times a day.
Most of these processes are completely subconscious but they have an impact on the way that we behaviour and the way we go about our daily lives. Our sense of smell is probably the one sense that has most of an impact on our decisions, memories and emotions overall and is one of the reasons that Scent Marketing
is such a popular and effective way of subtly changing the environment to make it more pleasing and also to put customers into the frame of mind to buy items rather than simply browse around the store.

There are some key ways that our sense of smell has an impact on our day to day life and these include:

. Emotions

Our sense of smell is linked to the limbic area of our brain which is concerned with our emotions. This means that a
smell can trigger particular emotions in us whether that is a sense of happiness, sadness or even change the way that
our personality is reflected. The emotions that we feel when we visit a store or perhaps think about a particular product or brand will have a direct impact on the way that we behave in that store and whether we are eager to buy
a particular item. The reason why our emotions are triggered so much by our sense of smell is that it is also very
closely linked to our memories.

. Memories

There have been some great studies that have been undertaken looking into the way our sense of smell affects our memories and it is thought that after coming across a smell after a year people can recall the smell with around an
accuracy rate of 65 percent, with a visual item people can recall it with about 50 percent accuracy in just half the
timescale. Coming across a smell that triggers a memory can then impact on our emotions. This could be anything from the smell of a roast dinner reminding you of your mothers cooking and sitting around the table together on a Sunday lunchtime to the smell of perfume that perhaps reminds you of a past girlfriend and how you felt about them.

People running together and talking in summer sunny nature

. Productivity

It has been proven that there are certain smells such as the scent of orange that can increase productivity
in an office. A study took place in Japan that saw lemon oil being used in diffusers thought an office where data entry individuals worked. It was reported that after the introduction of the scent the data entry employee's productivity levels increased by as much as 54 percent.

The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has always been a global icon of glamour and sex appeal. She is still well-known and revered to this day, most closely associated with diamonds and beauty from ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.For Diamond Engagement Rings,Compare the Diamond
. She was an intriguing figure with a complicated life story, ending in tragedy after a meteoric rise to fame. Here we look at some lesser known facts about the woman behind the Hollywood glitz:

She was born Norma Jean Mortenson and grew up not knowing her father. She was sent to an orphanage at the young age of 9 years old due to her mother and grandmother suffering from mental health problems. Both her mother and grandmother were admitted to hospital.

Her mother spent much time inside institutions suffering with mental health issues and Marilyn would be haunted for her whole life with anxiety about suffering the same fate. She even had an occasional stutter at different stressful times in her life. She married at the tender age of sixteen to Jim Dougherty and they remained together for 4 years.

The name Marilyn Monroe
came into being thanks to the head of talent spotting at Fox Studios, Ben Lyon. He felt she looked like a Marilyn, after Marilyn Miller who starred in New York musicals. Monroe was chosen by Norma herself, as it was her grandmother’s last name. Marilyn Monroe was possibly one of the first celebrities to have plastic surgery. She had a minor nose job completed in 1950which lifted it a little. She also had some cartilage inserted into her jaw to give her a more defined chin line.

Many producers didn’t like working with her as she was known for being late andunreliable. She would often be given her own shooting schedule, so others didn’thave to wait for her to show up. The more fame she achieved, the more erratic her

behaviour became. She often didn’t turn up at all or was very late because of her fragile emotional state. She was, in fact, fired from her last ever film ‘Some like it hot’ because of her behaviour. Marilyn first attempted suicide in December 1950 after the death of a good friend. After marrying Arthur Miller, she sadly experienced a miscarriage which led to a further suicide attempt several months later. It is said that Arthur Miller had to call doctors and save his wife from suicide three times. After another pregnancy failed,her behaviour declined even more.

Do you know how to get the best car finance deal?

There are some excellent car finance deals out there just waiting to be discovered. The problem is that many people don’t know how to find them. Keep an open mind when starting your car search, and be sensible about your budget. Read on for more tips on securing the perfect car finance deal.


Consider your budget and think within it. It is important to make sure the monthly repayments are affordable for the entire contract length and that you won’t be pushing yourself financially to afford the repayments in future. Ask for details on the procedure that occurs if you miss a repayment; you need to find out if there are any penalties.

Extra Charges

Another area where there may be charges is if the opposite occurs and you want to pay backmore than the allotted amount each month. Making an early payment could incite an extra charge, so make sure you ask about this. You should also consider the full amount you will have to pay back so you can budget accordingly.

Interest Rates

Think carefully about the interest rate on the finance deal. If you can pay a bigger deposit, this could reduce the interest rate and therefore decrease the amount you have the pay back in total. It often makes sense to try to pay a large deposit as this can make the car cheaper to buy in the long run.

Insurance Options

Find out about motor trade insurance options available for the car finance, such as those available from
. Discuss PPI and other options as this could turn out to be expensive and you might only get limited cover. This BBC
article explores more motor finance issues,such as PCP and hire purchase options.

Running Costs

Your finance repayments are only one expense related to the car. You must also consider running costs such as petrol, insurance and MOT charges. You will also need to factor in any likely repair costs.