Keeping himself warm in the chilly climate of Lapland

Father Christmas or Santa as he is called by some, spends much of his time in the freezing climate of Lapland, preparing himself for the biggest night of the year. You can bet that he makes sure that all of his heating systems are fully functioning. Having the elves freezing is not an option, especially as they are on a tight time schedule. If you are looking for a Boiler Service Gloucester company to help keep your little elves nice and toasty this year, then take a look at

In a few weeks’ time people across the world will be frantically wrapping up their gifts to get ready to deliver to the lucky recipients. If you are playing the role of Father Christmas this year you might want to know some of the facts behind this magical character.

The earliest record of Father Christmas is Saint Nicholas
who is probably the most popular non-Biblical saint as he has over 2,000 churches that have been dedicated to him across France and Germany and around 400 in the United Kingdom. There have been more artist portrayals of St Nicholas than any other saint (if you exclude Mary). It is Nicholas that the modern-day Father Christmas is based on and who originally lived in the area that we now know as Turkey back in around the 4th Century.

The modern-day Father Christmas or Santa is thought to have been placed in the North Pole as a result of a poem that was written by Thomas Nash in the 1880s. It is thought that the reason he chose the North Pole is because the area was seen as magical and mystical and there were many scientific explorations of the area begin carried out at the time. Since then the homeland of Father Christmas has always been the North Pole.

Here are some quick fact snippets:
Researchers believe that believing in Father Christmas helps children with their imagination and developing the ability to be able to think of different possibilities rather than taking a standard option.
In the past people gave presents to one another on 6th December as this was the Feast of St Nicholas.
It is thought that the reason children who were on the naughty list were given a lump of coal is because it was convenient as Father Christmas was already making his way down the chimney as so could easily grab a piece of coal from the fireplace.