Why Do Pallet Racks Fail?

When stock is stored in warehouses on multi-level pallet racks, it’s important that these storage systems are designed to reduce the risk of falling or collapse so that warehouse workers can be confident they are working in a safe environment and there is a lower risk of valuable stock being ruined.

Understanding what causes them to fail is an important way to help reduce the risk of disastrous events happening, as steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.


It is possible to cause a whole warehouse of pallet racks to collapse if one is nudged in the wrong place, as a forklift truck driver in footage on the Daily Mail
website found.
When a forklift comes into contact with a rack, there is a high chance of collapse, so building in generous amounts of space between the rows of racks is essential. Aisle width should incorporate pallet overhang into the calculations for spacing given between the racks, because if the pallets sitting on a rack are hit by a forklift, the whole rack system could fail just as easily as if the racks suffered a direct hit.

Lack of Protection
Adding rack protection in the most vulnerable areas of the racks – at the end frames and corners – can be inexpensive. Your chosen supplier of pallet racking Ireland should be able to advise you on whether floor-anchored, bolted steel or button-on protection would work
best for you. If their products are designed with these safety features incorporated, you can have peace of mind.

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Clear the Clutter
Take all unnecessary items away from the floors of aisles, because if forklift drivers have to
negotiate their way around clutter as well as transiting the aisles, then they are more likely to
risk a crash.

Check Regularly
Inspecting your racks regularly means you can understand what damage has happened and
whether a rack needs replacement or repair. This will also help you understand whether any
racks have been badly designed for their purpose and are showing signs of being
overloaded and at risk of collapse. Ensure you are confident that any new racks you invest in
have been designed with your warehouse’s requirements in mind.

Cats are much more than great sleepers.

Whether you are someone who enjoys the company of a cat or not there are many fascinating facts about these creatures, some of which you may not have heard about before. Cats are, along with dogs, one of the most popular
animals to have as a pet and our love for them doesn’t stop there with many people looking into Cat Lap trays from
retailers like https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/ It has even been scientifically proven that owning an animal like a cat can have a positive impact on our health and in particular on your blood pressure

Here are some facts to have a look at:
 Cats have amazing hearing and they can pick up a large range of frequencies and this covers sounds that can’t be heard by either humans or dogs.
 Much of cat’s communication is done through scent and scent marking. You will often find a cat rubbing their cheeks and the top of their heads along the furniture in your home as well as on fences and plants in your garden. This is their way of marking their territory to deter other cats from entering the area.
 Cats vocalise in a number of ways including meowing, purring, hissing, growling and many more noises.

Body structure
 Cats are very agile and flexible animals and are known for their amazing balance. This is in part due to their long tails and its design with around 28 vertebrae (similar to the ones found in our spines) down the length
of the tail. This is what gives the tail its structure and manoeuvrability.
 Interestingly a cat’s backbone is much more flexible than our own with the ability for one half to rotate in angle of 180 degrees to the other half of the backbone.
 Cats eyes are very adept at being able to reflect light well enough for them to able to see in great detail in the dark, and much more than the prey that they are stalking.
 Grooming sometimes seems to be a favourite past time of many cats and is the main way that they keep their fur clean. This is added to by the fact that their tongues have hundreds on tiny backwards facing spines
called papillae. These are much like the spines on a hairbrush and act in a similar fashion. If you have a cat that is particularly long furred, then it is a good idea to give them some additional grooming each week to help prevent the build-up of hairballs in their stomachs.

Apart from the Grand Prix what else goes on at Silverstone?

As I write there is only 238 days and 18 hours to go before the next British Grand prix at Silverstone.It has been the home of the British Grand Prix for the last four decades and is one of the most exciting on the calendar. It comes alive for the race weekend and you could even be there and a part of it if you just consider joining the Britain F1 Paddock Club by going along and having a look at edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-britain/
Silverstone does not just cater for the Grand Prix. It also hosts lots of other activities through the year. Some of the things it does outside of the race are.

Visit the Silverstone
Experience.This has been a long time in coming but the site has converted one of its old World War two hangars into an interactive museum. Before it became a race track the site was an old world war two airfield which saw active service in the battle of Britain. It won’t be ready until next spring (2019) but it will tell the story of how the site has changed form a monastery to the home of the British GP. It will, of course feature heavily on the racing and racers that have graced the track plus focus on the technology that goes into creating a Formula one car. You also be able to see who the actual race track has changed and why it has had to!

Track days.Ever wanted to actually drive around the Silverstone circuit? You can on special days in a variety of vehicles both four and two wheeled. You get full instruction on what skills and techniques are needed.The track offers a full range of cars including for the top British marque Aston Martin, driving a Vantage and the iconic and
extremely popular Ferrari experience where you get to drive a F430.If that’s not enough, you can have a day of both
Marques plus some high-powered BMW M2’s.For those of you that want to really drive an actual Formula one sports car this is available too. The track has its own Formula for you to try in a single seater and it is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing want a Formula one drive feels.

Bike Days. The circuit gives you the chance to take on this Moto GP and British superbike venue with a tailored track
day just for the bikers. You can bring you own as long as it fits the specs but the track also has its own you can use.It’s a great feeling to know that you on the same circuit that Rossi, Haslem, Sheene and Hayden have all had to
negotiate.The track also has concerts and conferences to cater for so it’s pretty busy all through the year.

Keeping himself warm in the chilly climate of Lapland

Father Christmas or Santa as he is called by some, spends much of his time in the freezing climate of Lapland, preparing himself for the biggest night of the year. You can bet that he makes sure that all of his heating systems are fully functioning. Having the elves freezing is not an option, especially as they are on a tight time schedule. If you are looking for a Boiler Service Gloucester company to help keep your little elves nice and toasty this year, then take a look at http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/

In a few weeks’ time people across the world will be frantically wrapping up their gifts to get ready to deliver to the lucky recipients. If you are playing the role of Father Christmas this year you might want to know some of the facts behind this magical character.

The earliest record of Father Christmas is Saint Nicholas
who is probably the most popular non-Biblical saint as he has over 2,000 churches that have been dedicated to him across France and Germany and around 400 in the United Kingdom. There have been more artist portrayals of St Nicholas than any other saint (if you exclude Mary). It is Nicholas that the modern-day Father Christmas is based on and who originally lived in the area that we now know as Turkey back in around the 4th Century.

The modern-day Father Christmas or Santa is thought to have been placed in the North Pole as a result of a poem that was written by Thomas Nash in the 1880s. It is thought that the reason he chose the North Pole is because the area was seen as magical and mystical and there were many scientific explorations of the area begin carried out at the time. Since then the homeland of Father Christmas has always been the North Pole.

Here are some quick fact snippets:
Researchers believe that believing in Father Christmas helps children with their imagination and developing the ability to be able to think of different possibilities rather than taking a standard option.
In the past people gave presents to one another on 6th December as this was the Feast of St Nicholas.
It is thought that the reason children who were on the naughty list were given a lump of coal is because it was convenient as Father Christmas was already making his way down the chimney as so could easily grab a piece of coal from the fireplace.