Preventing the Need for Vinyl Liner Pool Repair in Bucks and Montgomery County

Having an inground pool installed is an expensive undertaking. Homeowners may feel conflicted about whether to choose fiberglass or a vinyl liner model. They know that both kinds of pools will eventually require some repair work. If they’re leaning toward a vinyl model, they need to learn more about what Vinyl liner pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County involves.

Avoiding Tearing

The lifespan to expect from the liner varies dramatically from pool to pool, and depends partly on how well the owners and the people using the pool treat the material. It should never be struck with hard or sharp objects, for example. Allowing dogs to swim there risks damage from their nails as they walk into and out of the pool.

Pool toys can be used, but other toys should be kept out of the water. If parents have a hard time convincing their kids of this, liner repair may be needed more frequently. Children may like the idea of playing with metal vehicles in the pool, for instance, but sharp edges can tear the vinyl. This type of damage can usually be patched so the repair is invisible or nearly so.

A liner can also be damaged when someone tries to rake a toy or other object up from the bottom of the pool. It’s best to have a skilled swimmer dive in and retrieve the object.

Preventing Freezing

Freezing temperatures can damage the top of the liner if the ice gets too thick. A bitterly cold winter with few periods of melting can result in ice that is several inches thick on top of the pool, which is very heavy. Owners may consult a pool service technician for advice if an exceptionally cold spell is moving in.


Leaks can develop for no apparent reason in a vinyl liner as years go by, but technicians from a company such as Sparklean Pools typically can find and repair them. The liner can generally be expected to last 10 or 12 years, but some property owners do not face the need for replacement for 15 or 20 years if they treat the pool with tender loving care.